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This page is reserved for the placement of awards won by this website, and by the websites we have made for our clients. Just as we would be honored to fill this page, so will we look forward to awards won by our clients.

Winner of the Absolut Cool Award
It is my great pleasure to inform You that Your site had won very valuable award, ABSOLUT COOL AWARD. By this occasion I wish to remind You that this award goes only to 2% of applicants. That, for sure is a remark of quality of Your site.

Our experts team is from different parts of world, different traditions, cultures, and to all of us it had been a great pleasure to evaluate Your site, to enjoy it's concept, content, design and unique impression.

Winner of the Web Design Award
Dear Award Applicant, We know how much work and dedication that has went into this great web site that you have built and we are pleased to inform you that we have found your site to be among the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the Web Design Award!

Winner of JerryD's Bronze Award
Hi and Congratulations! Your site - Degree Three Design - has been accepted as a winner of JerryD's Bronze Award, Rated AS! 4.5. We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has nice graphics and wonderful navigation. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work.
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