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We Work For You.

View the designs we have created for past clientsAt Degree Three, one of our goals is to communicate with you and design a professional, aesthetic website that will meet your needs well into the future.

All of our graphics are designed specifically for each website, yielding each with the original look and feel necessary to catch the eyes of web surfers.

Please browse the portfolio and read the client comments so that you will know that you are sure to receive our top-quality work!


Company Logos


Past and present clients of Degree Three Design.
Safety Angel, Inc E-Z-ON Products, Inc of Florida
Benvenuto Restaurant Cirrus Day Music
Agape School Aeon Effect
WCVJ 90.9 FM Beans Coffee Shop
Christ United Methodist Church - Akron, Ohio Berthume Software
Hambden Alliance Church Out of Alabaster
P2B Tech Bijjam Software
Glassy Dreams Blessings, Inc
Steveman Comics D2X
Quant Consulting Scottbat
Jags Basketball Digital Nature

Users' websites can be found at the resources page.

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