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Meet the Team

Meet the team who will be working for you!Degree Three Design was founded as a sole proprietorship, designed to draw a small collection of talented and knowledgeable people, each with their own individual contributions to the system.

We are a Christian group working for a common goal, to glorify Christ through our work on the Internet and in the community.

Ian Paterson

Principal Designer
Client Relations

I come from the magnificent one-traffic-light town of Hambden, Ohio. I suppose you could say we're famous in Hambden, located right in the heart of the Lake Erie snowbelt, we're constantly getting the glorious title of most yearly snowfall in Ohio. If you haven't heard of Hambden before, now you know just about all there is to know about it.

Art was always a passion of mine, and around the age of 13, I discovered I had a talent for digitally illustrating my imagination. It was only after combining my love for programming and graphic design that I considered starting a web design business such as Degree Three.

I started Degree Three Design with the hope of making a difference in the community, and the faith that my ideas could make it in the business world. This could not have been done without so much support and encouragement from my friends, whom I am generously grateful to for keeping me on track.

I thank God for keeping me motivated and showing his will to me, and look forward to the future of this business under his guiding hand.

Thank you for visiting, God bless.

Dustin Gardy

Website Testing
Bug Reports

I, too, was raised in that thriving metropolis known as Hambden, Ohio, but have since moved to the even more sparsely populated town of Andover, Ohio, located near the Pennsylvania border and world-renowned for it's proximity to "the Spillway", a tourist attraction that must be seen to be believed (note:do not fall in, as the carp will hickey you to death)! In this area, you either own a computer or a four-wheeler, so I opted for a life of quiet isolation with technology, rather than roaring mufflers and engine grease.Not as glamorous, but the pay is better.

Equipped only with my wits, a computer, and the aid of my computer geek cousin, I ventured into the world of cyberspace, and eventually became rather comfortable amid the pit-falls and chaos of the Internet. Thus, through many happy circumstances, I came to be employed by my good friend Ian Paterson, and am now his loyal and trusty sidekick.

Armed only with my rapier wit and computer skills, I help him battle against the never ending tide of shoddy websites built by know-nothing slackers who would rather be playing Everquest than building your website. Blessed by God to have this business, we are extremely grateful for every customer He sends our way, especially YOU!
Degree Three Design \\ Low-cost, professional web design, hosting, and promotion
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