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Always Unique.

Custom website design at a reasonable priceLet your business website stand out of the crowd, delivering a beautiful, content-rich presentation to the Internet community.

We design professional and stylish websites for personal or commercial use, with a sense of individuality to set your website apart from the rest. We will host your website and market it for you to get you on the road to a truly successful Internet presence.

Our all-natural graphics are made to order, complimented by our original hand-coded HTML and fresh-brewed Javascript. Websites are designed either in Dreamweaver or a text editor, and are always constructed to allow simplified, straightforward content modification even if you are not familiar with HTML.


Our pricing is based on a per-job basis. After we have evaluated everything your request entails, we will discuss the cost with you and work within your budget. Ask for a free consultation.

You may also choose to pay by the hour. Our standard hourly rate is $30, which includes all time spent on your website, excluding time for conversation or meeting with you.

What do I get?

Any website project will receive an all-inclusive graphics set, help files on how to edit your website's content, all source files used when creating the website, and one free month of maintenance.

This will include fonts, graphics, layered source images, code and scripts, audio, any pictures used, and any other related files or documentation that you request, mailed to you on a mini CD. If you decide to have someone else work on your website later, they will have all the files necessary to do so.

Get started on my project!

We'll be glad to start your request as soon as possible, but considering the following before sending your order will greatly reduce the time required to complete your website. Once you've thought about these things, fill out our service inquiry form. We will reply within 24 hours with a quote and additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at
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